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Biogas Taita Project is a social enterprise aiming to reduce our impact on the environment through the introduction of alternative energy and environmentally friendly waste management solutions.


Recent News

November 27. 2016 /

Great progress Bio-Waste Centre Kiandutu

We are making great progress with finishing the construction of the bio-waste centre in Kiandutu Slum in collaboration with Slum / Shack dwellers international and the Kiandutu community. The facility will have public toilets, hot (!) showers, two solar water heating systems produced by IRUWA, biogas digester, fertilizer storage, kitchen with biogas stoves, clean water kiosk, and space for extension of eating area later on.

Next week, we will start a training for the community members on our solar water heating systems, so they can join our team of sales representatives and installers, and become entrepreneurs.

November 25. 2016 /

IRUWA at Lions Den

Fieke and Qui pitched the solar water heating project to the Lions at the Den, which was broadcasted last Monday on NTV (National Television Station). The Lions liked the product a lot, but we are to be found 'too social' as we are not prepared to mark up the product with a profit margin high enough to satisfy the Lions. We are after all a social enterprise, with the main aim to increase accesibility for all Kenyans and provide the system at the lowest possible costs. However, the Lions gave us some great advise, and the Lions Den provided us with a unique opportunity to showcase and promote our sysems and to raise awareness around the technology. We already received lots of great feedback messages from several viewers!

Watch the video HERE.

November 22. 2016 /

Watch Maggie's experience with the SWH system

Today we went to visit Maggie, who since a little while has got a Majuamotizer. We asked her about
her experience so far, and how she used the system. She turned out to be very happy with the system
and told us it saves her lots of time, money for charcoal and it gives her extra comfort such as a daily warm shower and washing her cloth with warm/hot water. She furthermore uses the pre-heated water to cook tea and other things, as it takes little time and fuel to boil the the water. Watch Maggie telling her story here!! We have used a new application "Fieldreporter" to film her story, the application is still in it's 'beta' form, but we are using and testing it for further improvement. It's a great and easy tool to use (you can check it out:-).

November 18. 2016 /

Training in Wundanyi

We had many interested people coming along to our second week of solar water heating training in Wundanyi.
The training included different days and modules, ranging from marketing & sales, to assessment and basic & advanced installation. On the last day, we did a practical installation on site of a client, connecting the system to the bathroom and supply tank in the house. Happy farmer and happy installers!

Recent News

What We Do

Biogas Taita offers a range of sustainable energy products and services including biogas technologies (human, organic and animal waste), solar water heating systems, waste-water solutions, solid waste management solutions, consultancy, project management and community led design, capacity building and training programs.

We work with farmers, schools, institutions, hospitals and hotels and recently started working on integrated waste management, water & sanitation and energy solutions in the form of Bio-Waste Centres and sanitation blocks in partnership with other NGOs, companies and the County Government.empowering the community to take action to create a more healthy living environment, while at the same time creating ‘green’ jobs ensuring project sustainability.

what we do

Who We Are

Quirin Walter

Founder & Project Manager

Quirin is the founder of Biogas Taita Project and initiated this project in 2009, when he first arrived in Wundanyi as part of a one-year volunteers program. Quirin however had a mission and instead of leaving, he was determined to introduce, promote and start a biogas construction team in Wundanyi. Since then they have built over 350 plants and he has trained over 70 local artisans to become biogas worksmen or supervisors.

Quirin has an unique capacity to translate technology into something valuable, applicable, accessible and easy to use in the development context. His creative thinking and ability to solve problems no matter the limitations found, and within significant cost / budget restraints is remarkable and has been acknowledged by our partners who like his refreshing way of thinking and solving issues, while addressing the needs of the community or other stakeholders perfectly.

Quirin has also been the brain behind the development of our new Solar Water Heating System, which is 100% locally produced in our workshop in Wundanyi.

Fieke Geerts

Project Development Manager

Fieke is a passionate environmentalist focusing on sustainable communities and creating awareness and she worked for big NGO's such as the Australian Conservation Foundation, The Nature Conservation Council of NSW, and as coordinator for a state-wide sustainable living program for ethnic and culturally diverse communities in NSW.

Fieke spent the last two years in Kenya where she was working for the Kenyan Cross and currently in the role of project development role at Biogas Taita, setting up community-led bio-waste centres linking water & sanitation, biogas and waste management waste collection and other innovative applications biogas as part of a more sustainable future environment.

Fieke is an exceptional and creative bridge-builder between various platforms, bringing together people and applied technology, different stakeholders across multiple sectors to develop new innovative programs. Besides her strategic and project management skills, she is also a practical implementer with a 'can do' and an expert in facilitation, mobilizing and engaging communities, behaviour change theory and the actual implementation of a project working directly on the ground.
She is the strategic mind behind our projects, and has developed many partnerships aiming the combine waste management, water & sanitation and energy initiatives, driven by the community.

Emily Mkambura

Sales & Accountant

Emily is the mum of the Biogas Taita family and the smiley face of the project in town. She is our dedicated admin person and she runs the Biogas Shop located at the Stage in Wundanyi Town, so she is easy to find.! Emily can assist you with all your day to day questions, helps our fundis wherever possible, or is able to direct your requests and questions to the right people. Emily has also been with the Project from the start.

Carly Mwandigha

Director & Biogas Supervisor

Carly has extensive knowledge of and experience in biogas construction. He works efficiently and delivers good quality work. Carli has built many small scale farmer digesters as well as digesters for schools and our bio-waste centres. With his background as a teacher, Carly is involved as trainer for our biogas in schools program (biogas construction training for masonry students) as well as in the set-up and teaching of the biogas school clubs. Carly is easy to work with and has a great sense of humor. He is reliable and knowledgeable and a great asset to the team. He is furthermore one of the directors of Biogas Taita Limited.


who we are

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  • Please contact us for more information, enquiries, or tell us also if you are doing something similar and would like to share and exchange experiences with us!!

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